Greetings Bredren & Sistren,

welcome to JAH ARMY HIGHWEAR, the homebase for souljahs of all tribes in their universal struggle for love and peace. We gave birth to J.A.H. because we want all souljahs to unite and be visible in the fight against Babylon. JAH ARMY HIGHWEAR is more than fashion – it’s a statement.
All of our designs have been made with nuff love & respect to the Roots & Culture of Reggae music which we love so much. In order to contribute making this world a likkle better we are only using fair-traded organic cotton. We have been searching longtime to find a manufacturer with the utmost transparency regarding origin of the garments and working conditions in the factories.

J.A.H. is strikkly independent & heartical grassroots bizness from real people for real people. So if you like the idea-ology you are most welcome to get in touch and become a souljah too. As you can see on our commUnity page, J.A.H. is an open system of human beings who love & live the roots of reggae music and like to share this passion with the rest of the world.

Love is all we bring inna we khaki suit & ting!